Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on improving one’s writing skills via mastering literal skills Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on improving one’s writing skills via mastering literal skills Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Description of My Writing

Writing is an action that accompanies active reading and creative thinking. My writing is the result of actively and passively reading the works of other prominent and non-prominent writers. This was as a means to improve my language skills, as English is not my first language. Korean being my native language challenged me into doing more reading to practice my English skills and improve my command in the language. The one way to do so was through reading magazines and novels. This inspired me to be like the authors of the books and articles that I read. This is in regard to putting the different styles of writing and literary skills into practice. The meticulously written articles in magazines and graphically vivid details illustrated by novel writers tend to be attractive, and challenging in willing me to write similar pieces of literal work but with my touch of originality.

Writing began with writing letters to my friends back in Korea and informing them of the changes and differences in culture between the two countries. The intriguing part was the ability to capture the details and put them in a new language portraying my actual emotions and interests abut a new country. I also kept a diary and a journal to document the everyday occurrences in my life, as well as all my embarrassing moments. I find writing enjoyable as I can express that which I feel without any inhibitions of offending others or having to withhold my true emotions. This is achieved through keeping a diary and writing short stories, although not everyone gets to read them, except my close friends and family. In addition, writing helps to think clearly by putting my train of thought in sequential order for later reference. This way it helps organize my thoughts to come up with logical explanations and rational thought thus my love for writing.

My writing ability is not that good yet, but I enjoy writing any works that I can think of. I believe I hold good potential in bettering my writing skills to a higher level of communication and interaction with the readers of my works. I think I lack the ability to draw and capture the attention of readers for extended periods. This is in terms of holding their attentions and keeping them interested as most of my works tend to be a rollercoaster of interest and disinterest, all depending on the readers emotional and logical inclination. In this course, I hope to develop the ability to master literal skills so that my written works do not end up sounding bland, general or below par. Thus, I can gather fans and gain motivation to better myself as a writer and have better quality creations as compared to the current situation. In addition, I hope to improve vocabulary and grammar as English, being my second language, challenges my communicative ability in writing. Paying more attention to this issue would immensely help in developing my creativity.


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