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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on storylinejournal entry Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Journal Entry Journal Entry Charles Lindbergh speaking at an American First Committee Rally in 1940 Journal Entry: This photographwas taken in 1940 and depicts Charles Lindbergh as he addresses listeners at the rally of the American first committee. Lindbergh could have been attempting to drawing on his observations and experiences gathered when he was abroad between 1935 and 1939 in Asia, Europe, Africa, as well as Latin America (Charles Lindbergh Foundation, 2014, p. 1). There is also a portrait hung at the background. Charles Lindbergh could have provided this portrait to the listener to portray the European war that substantially contrasted the war perceived by the administration of Roosevelt, as well as the interventionists in America. There is also the presentation of both genders of the audience that signifies unity of purpose in the meeting. There is also the separation of the audience into two key groups that shows that the meeting might have involved all rank of people in the state.

The podium where Charles Lindbergh gave his speech has a writing termed “Defend America Fist.” This writing symbolized the petition launched by America First Committee aimed at implementing the Neutrality Act of 1939 and compelling President F. D. Roosevelt to honour his pledge of keeping the country out of the war (Charles Lindbergh Foundation, 2014, p. 1). America First Committee pushed for American defense by opposing the Atlantic Charter, the convoying of ships, as well as the placement of an economic pressure on Japan. The display of two doves in the photograph depicted the theme of the rally that centered on peace and preparedness. As a result, Lindbergh gave a speech that significantly criticized all the movements that he perceived as promoters of America into the war. There can also be seen a flag of the America First Committee that centered on peace for the American people.

“Woman’s Place in War,” repairing war radios, 1941. (Digital Public Library of America.)

Journal Entry:

The photograph was taken in 1941 and shows a woman repairing a war radio. The woman presented wears an official uniform of the corps. This presentation signifies that the task performed by the woman was one of the official duties performed by the women corps during the Second World War. The writing “woman’s place in war” shows that this task of repairing war radios was exclusively left for women who were present for the war (Digital Public Library of America, 2015, p.1). This concept is further facilitated by the bottom most writing that states “the women’s army corps.” Even though the role was also very significant, it was initiated as a source of contribution of female gender to the war. There is also a portrait of a woman that indicates the significance that is attached to the tasked performed by the woman.

Furthermore, the 239 categories of jobs indicated in the photograph shows the numerous avenue through, which the government strived to involve women in the war. Military tracks are also presented at the background of the photograph (Digital Public Library of America, 2015, p.1). This presentation indicates the significance of the radio repair task that could not be performed far away from the battlefield. One can also see grills at the back of the woman. This presentation could have indicated two purposes. The first purpose could have been the protection of the woman from any physical attack from an enemy. These grills could have also been used to show the sensitivity of the operation, as well as the place. Spare parts are identifiable next to the radio under repair to indicate the preparedness of the army to this operation.


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Digital Public Library of America. (2015).” Womans Place in War Radio Repairing The Womens Army Corps,” 1941-1945. Retrieved May 25, 2015 from http://dp.la/exhibitions/items/show/811144



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