Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Locke’s Distinction Between Ideas and Qualities.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Locke’s Distinction Between Ideas and Qualities. The essay, “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”, is made to let the readers understand the foundations of epistemological philosophy that was burgeoning in the late 1600s. This examines the reliability and scope of human knowledge compared to the uncritical beliefs and opinions that were popular during Locke’s time.

Now in the essay, Locke states how we acquire the basic ideas that we use in order for us to build knowledge. These basic materials are what we call ideas. These ideas are everything, basically: concrete sensory objects such as color and texture, to abstract ones such as my love for family, memories of my childhood, mathematical equations and management principles (Locke, 1690).

In part one of the essay, Locke refutes the idea that all knowledge is inherent. For the Platonists of Cambridge and Lord Herbert of Cherbury, knowledge is inherent and Locke passionately disagrees. Locke insisted that morality and the principles of physics are acquired, not inborn as the Platonists suggest. Locke argued that the mentally defective people, as well as the children, have no ways to comprehend these. Additionally, if these were indeed innate knowledge, then these principles can be immediately explained by having shared experiences or self-evidence. All in all, Locke also argued that all knowledge is not inborn because the foundations that led us to believe this knowledge is acquired as well (Locke, 1690)

To answer the problem of ideas being innate or not, Locke presented the thought that all knowledge and ideas come from experience. This is the fundamental principle of sensory. His theory goes like this, all ideas come from experiences. and the mind is just an empty room at first. All the ideas/knowledge comes from sensation, we obtain the ideas of things that are supposed to exist in the outside world, and we do it by using our senses.


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