Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Impact of Technology on Consciousness.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Impact of Technology on Consciousness. The cognitive theory defines the brain and the mind as two independent entities that work in tandem to produce actions and reactions of man, to an event.

The need to know the working of mind becomes all the more important because of the fact that all our intentional and non-intentional decisions and emotive expressions have a definite voluntary and involuntary actions associated with them. Hence our state of mental causation results in some form of physical actions. In other words, our beliefs and desires are linked with some definite actions that are designed to rearrange the physical aspects of our surroundings through the movements of our body parts which is caused by the directives of the mind. Hence, the concept of mental causation becomes relevant because of the sheer physicality of the world, surrounding us. “Physicalists, according to Jones, means people who believe that “this world of ours is only physical” (Jones, 2006).&nbsp.

Descartes treated the body and mind of a man separately. He believed that the body is an inanimate object that acts only at the behest of the mind. It is also known as Cartesian dualism. He says that one cannot find out the nature of physical things without the participation of ‘intelligence’ which instead of ‘seeing’ judges them do be so. The mind therefore understands and recognizes other objects like technology because of its inherent ability to represent complex structures rather than relying on sensation and imagination (Descartes, 1901). The theory of dualism, though controversial at that time, was much appreciated and even corroborated by the later philosophers.

Kim, through his theory of causal closure and overdetermination, has tried to correlate mind and body. The&nbsp.overdetermination hints at causes that might constitute non-physical causal effects. It can be explained in the following example.&nbsp.


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