Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Collapse of the Multi-Span I-35W Mississippi River Bridge on August 1, 2007.

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Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Collapse of the Multi-Span I-35W Mississippi River Bridge on August 1, 2007. In the everyday decisions that people make safety is paramount considering that it is the essence of having constructive and not destructive programs. Compared to monetary gains, a person’s safety is more important and hence, should be ensured at all times. Of particular interest would be the public support utilities such as bridges, canals, dams among others. These are indispensable given that they serve a large population of individuals. hence, a failure recognized on them would likely translate to a loss of lives and properties (Ramachandran, 2005.p.115-120). This would then be a threat to safety, which was the original intent for developing such structures.

As a part of the Forensic Engineering coursework, this study is a prerequisite for the attainment of a Civil Engineering Master’s degree. Therefore, the author in this case is appointed and mandated by the relevant academic staff to carry out and prepare an independent forensic report into the events that led to the breakdown of the I-35W bridge transversely From the analysis point of view, the initiation of the collapse on the I-35W Bridge was as a result of the lateral shifting of the upper diagonal members and the subsequent failure of the gussets in the center nodes of the deck truss. The total collapse of the deck truss was achieved immediately after the gussets failed to support the joints.the Mississippi river (Structures Congress, & Griffis, 2009.p.95-102). This shall be in harmony with the established Terms of Reference below.

I-35W Mississippi River Bridge also known as Bridge 9340 was built in the form of eight lanes and majorly intended to connect the two sides of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Built in the form of arches and of steel truss, the bridge carrying Interstate 35W appeared to have been the strongest and modern engineering structure to have been built. However, all these perceptions about the bridge were to change with the collapse of it on the fateful evening of August 1, 2007. Around 6.05 p.m. central time, the 1,907 foot long, I-35W eight-lane Highway Bridge experienced a high catastrophic failure when the span of its main deck truss collapsed (Ebling, 2012.p.206-211).

The result of the deck failure was an ultimate collapse of the 1,000 feet deck truss and a greater section of the main span fell into the 15-foot deep river.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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