Hw 3 490

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plz read the attachment below

throughout your time as a CAS student, you have been exposed to various developmental theories and practices that align with them. One way that we can connect theoretical understandings with developmentally appropriate practices is through the spaces we create for children and adolescents at-risk.

Develop a classroom or community center/plot of land floorplan where there is intentionality behind every inch of the space. Label each area with its purpose and what area of development it is meant to foster. Be specific, go beyond saying, “Cognitive, Social-emotional, Language, or Physical development”. You should have a minimum of 4 pages:

1. A cover page (1 points) where you list your name, student ID, dat, “HW3” and then tell me about the space you are designing and for what age group and population.

· Ages can range from 4 year old’s to 18 year old’s

· Populations can range from a low-income classroom in an urban, suburban, or rural area to a targeted population (e.g., LGBTQIA+, sexual assault survivors, individuals with learning differences, undocumented youth, etc.)

· Overarching goal of the space you are creating

2. The visual (3 points) representation of the space you created with each area labeled

· You can do this with colored pencils and paper (take a picture or scan it) or on your ipad/tablets and computers using any software/program available to you.

· You can label using letters or numbers or short label names/descriptors

3. The index (4 points) for each area with

· a full name of the area & its goals

· the developmental aspect it is targeting

· through what processes specifically it is targeting that area of development

· Finally, how is it serving a buffer or protective factor for children and adolescents at risk

4. Reflection (2 points) on the process and how realistic your design would be in a school or organization with low resources.

· What 3 areas would you cut and what 2 areas would you absolutely fight to keep if budget was a barrier?

*** You do not need to be an artistic genius to do well on this assignment. It is most important to demonstrate your intentionality in curating spaces for children and adolescents at-risk. Importantly, it needs to be clear that you thought through different processes that impact development.

***There are no file format restrictions given that this is more than a writing assignment.


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