I need some assistance with these assignment. an old fashioned prejudice Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. an old fashioned prejudice Thank you in advance for the help! The owners can view the building from a three-dimensional angle and even make adjustments in sizes and colors until they are fully satisfied. All these are done virtually, but it feels so much like real life that people do not notice the difference.

There was an existing difference between virtual and reality, but as the computer programs and technology keep advancing and becoming more complicated, so does the line between reality and virtual. It becomes so complicated that it blurs, and people cannot pinpoint what the difference is and, hence, finally accept there is no difference at all. The only people who are allowed to still live in the old fashioned prejudice of the existing differences between the two are those whose lives still revolve around analog technology and are yet to cross over, such as some people in Africa’s rural parts.

Another example that seals the deal further is how car making companies have developed programs where people can customize their cars through special computer simulations. The car is made by the individual how they want it to be, and this is also three-dimensional. The final result is the replica of the customized simulation, sealing any existing differences.

The virtual programs are very authentic as they are the true creations depicting the creativity of computer geniuses. They may not be considered originals compared to the real thing as they are not really originals, but they resemble it. Some may argue about the authenticity because of the supernatural and exemplary ability the virtual programs and simulations such as robots may be having. This is a point to be argued more so between those who insist on the existing difference between virtual and reality.

However, they are authentic in their own way because even though they are not reality, they are real in their own way&nbsp.and original because they were the only ones made that way. Take, for example, the robotic animals.


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