I need some assistance with these assignment. child rape by child mother boyfriend Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. child rape by child mother boyfriend Thank you in advance for the help! In most rape cases, the rapist and the victim know each other, that is, the rapist might be a close relative or a family friend. In the US, cases of rape have become quite rampant to the extent that others happen with the consent of the child’s guardian or parent (Cortez, 2014).

According to studies, cases of children rape cases have been on the rise in the US. Unlike other rape cases that involve strangers, these are rather unique because they involve the mother to the child and her boyfriend. For instance, in Monterey, Claudia Ochoa, a mother, allowed her boyfriend, Ruiz Maciel, to molest her eleven-year daughter on several occasions to the extent of impregnating her (Cortez, 2014). This is quite unfortunate and is a clear indication that morality no longer exists. This is because it is difficult to come to terms with such an incident whereby a parent, who a child looks up, trusts suddenly turns against the child and starts abusing her by not only allowing her to be raped but also herself participating in the incident. According to Cortez (2014), the rape incident went on for a long time not until the daughter fell sick and went to the hospital where she tested positive for pregnancy. After the incident came to the limelight, both Ochoa and Ruiz were arraigned in court and released on a bail of two million and five million US dollars respectively.

One of the common questions in the minds of many is why and how can a mother comfortably allow this incidence to happen at their watch. Studies show that most of these women are normally of unsound mind in addition to being under drug influence (Chesler, 2011). Similarly, women allow this to happen out of anger. This is especially if the biological father left her, hence leaving them with the burden of taking care of the child (Chesler, 2011). This is evident since, in most of these cases, the mother’s boyfriend is usually not the child’s biological father.


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