I need some assistance with these assignment. features of cultural immersion Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. features of cultural immersion Thank you in advance for the help! Children suffer the pains of their parents. Women suffer domestic violence more as compared to their male counterparts. This is the most experienced form of abuse against women in society. The World Health Organization, in its reports, argues that almost every married woman has at one point in time been in some way abused by their partners.

There are several causes of domestic violence against women. one of the major causes of this abuse against women is said to be cultural beliefs. Traditional norms consider women as weak and entitled to men. They are in most societies considered as sex objects and their major role in a family is to sire children and take care of the homes (Diller, 2010). Decision making and other important issues are left for men. in such male chauvinistic societies, women are always fully dependent on men and they can at no point in time be allowed to make any decisions on their own. With education and other factors of modernization, women are beginning to rediscover themselves hence willing to fight for their rights. On the other hand, men still need to maintain their status quo in their society hence triggering violence and disagreements (Diller, 2010). In fact, in some cases, men who abuse their wives are strongly considered powerful and disciplinarians. They feel they are just performing their duties of maintaining peace and order in their families. This leaves women with fewer choices rather than falling victims of such violence. Due to such cultural requirements, women are not allowed to take divorce as an option. they remain sired to their men and opt to suffer. Also, since they are also not allowed to do income-generating roles, the overdependence on their men economically forces them to prefer staying in violence than leaving. Some of them prefer suffering to being laughing stalks as victims of abuse.

However, when a woman cannot stand it anymore and finally decides that enough is enough, they choose&nbsp.to leave. Due to cultural norms again, most of the women who quit their marriages will not be freely welcomed to their parental homes.&nbsp.


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