I need some assistance with these assignment. grand coulee dam Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. grand coulee dam Thank you in advance for the help! The major people located at the Columbia River Basin during the time of the project were Indians of the Spokane culture. Major materials used in the construction of the dam were concrete, excavated earth, steel, and other metals. As time went on, one of the contractors, MWAK, developed small cities to house workers and installed plants to generate materials to use in the construction of the dam. Thinking of such a product today would mean a consideration of myriad factors that include budgetary allocation, risks involved, disruption to life in water, and alternative sources of energy before terming the project as feasible.

The Grand Coulee Dam stands as the biggest concrete structure ever developed by human hands. It is the biggest dam in the world that is situated in the Columbia River Basin. Everything regarding the dam is on a large scale: it measures 550 feet in height, measured from its solid granite base or around 350 feet. In length, the dam measures around 5,223 feet, which is only 57 feet short of the distance of one mile. Although there are other bigger dams in the world, they do not measure to Grand Coulee as their size often comprises earthen berms. Further, the size of the dam is around four times bigger than Egypt’s pyramids.&nbsp.

Settlement of the region around the Grand Coulee Dam started in 1859. It went on at a slow pace until the 1880s after the development of the Northern Pacific Railroad. In the 1880s, settlers got their land free of charge under an Act known as Timber Culture or for an unbelievably cheap price under an Act known as the Desert Land Act. The Columbia Basin settlers found usable land and began growing wheat, making the economy of the region to sprout. They also practiced animal farming as they had cattle ranches and practiced a bit of mining (Bottenberg 7). Various authorities noticed the potential of the region for an irrigation scheme, and they each presented their speculation regarding the project.&nbsp.


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