I need some assistance with these assignment. is euthanasia ethical Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. is euthanasia ethical Thank you in advance for the help! The physician therefore only assists them to end their suffering quickly. The issue of ethics comes in in relation to consent to carry out the mercy killing as it is commonly referred to.

There has been a lot of research focused on Euthanasia ever since it was discovered and started being discussed openly. One of the greatest advantages of Euthanasia is the fact that it ends the suffering of the patient. There are patients who suffer from chronic illnesses such as cancer and who have undergone all forms of treatments and there is nothing else that can be done other than just waiting for their time of death. Their suffering is not only from the treatments as well as pain from the disease but also from psychological torture of thinking about the oncoming death and the family being left behind. The quick end to their suffering to discontinue this pain, suffering, and torture is what they desire (Basri, 2012).

The other advantage is that when mercy killing is administered, it actually saves on the medical resources which can be used for other patients who depend on it and who can actually get better and live longer than the chronically ill patients in their death beds. This is a reasonable argument though like the rest of the advantages it is prone to counterargument. This is especially the case in the less developed nations or in areas that have a scarcity of medical resources ranging from hospital beds to pain killer medicines and other health equipment. Killing the patients in order to save and use those resources for other patients is ethical decision as in the long run, more patients will be saved and good done to them.

Euthanasia provides individuals with enough time to convey their wishes and goodbyes to their loved ones. For those who are religious, they have time to confess their sins and be prepared by their religious leaders for the oncoming death.


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