I need some assistance with these assignment. punishment and discipline Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. punishment and discipline Thank you in advance for the help! Consequently, discipline plays a vital role in turning children organized and disciplined members of the community.

On the other hand, the critics of punishment theory view adopting of harsh and violent attitude towards children as destructive one, as it may, according to them, leave unpleasant upshot on their minds. As a result, the punishment would make them aggressive and deviant in their grown years, and they will apply the same antagonism towards other members of society. It is right that the punishment should be the part of the training of the children. however, inadequate and unnecessary use of force may weaken the fabrication of family set up on the one hand, and decreases the intensity of co-operation and love in the hearts of children for their parents, guardians and siblings on the other. &nbsp.&nbsp.

Socialization serves as a susceptible phenomenon, where it requires unabated attention and dedication of the parents and guardians to make a biological man into a social one through education and training. “It is a lifelong experience by which people develop their human potential and learn the culture.” (Macionis, 2007:118) Being the first and the most fundamental social institution, the family is regarded to be responsible for nurturing and upbringing of the young ones. During the family’s interaction with the child, it indirectly and unconsciously educates him, which commences not only the learning process of the child but also it leaves its indelible imprints on his innocent mind. Consequently, he does not forget the effects and impact of learning made during his very initial years and seeks the support of the same training in later years while communicating with his social and natural environment as well as while interacting with other members of society. Since the child is unaware of the prevailing social norms, cultural values, religious teachings and statutes of law, family, school and church teach him all about the norms, values, customs and conventions, following of which is compulsory for leading a respectable life in society. However, children’s delicate mental faculties do not allow them to obey all the commands and instructions being decreed from the parents and teachers.

On the contrary, they act and react out of their thoughts, and sometimes get involved in the activities that may put their lives in grave jeopardy.


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