I need some assistance with these assignment. reflective for the website project Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. reflective for the website project Thank you in advance for the help! The websites project in this case is solely based on retired athletes from China.

Compared to other economic giants like the US and the UK, Chinese athletes may be competitive in international sports, but their low literacy level and lack of government support creates a significant difference after their retirement age. The website project information provides that most of the Chinese athletes end up being poor due to lack of skills or educational basics that can guide the retired athletes through other income-generating activities (WordPress.com., 2014). This case has been evident through Zou, who joined the athletic career at the age of thirteen but ended up as a poor retired athlete. Her situation is not unique in China since there are many others going through the same problems. Poor governance in the country’s sports sector causes all these problems (Jinxia, 2002).

The good news about the information provided is that future athlete including those in training have a possibility of benefiting new regulations that are being considered in the sports bureau of the country. Young athletes would never find a chance to the career until they graduate from high school (WordPress.com., 2014). Besides, athletes can now join university education during the training. Zou’s suffering has been a call for changes especially given her decision was based on ignorance, deception, and false promises. Her suffering is a wakeup call that could benefit many Chinese athletes of today and future generations (WordPress.com., 2014).

The statistics about Chinese retired athletes is a bit shocking. It is asserted that half of 6,000 professional athletes, who retire from their career every year, end up becoming jobless. These athletes also are found to have no plans for further schooling (Xu, 2007). According to Xu, the 1999 Beijing International Marathon is among these athletes. Other than the 6,000 athletes who retire each year, it seems that the&nbsp.trend is worse for the already retired athletes from the profession than these retiring each year.


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