I will pay for the following article Define marketing in your own words. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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I will pay for the following article Define marketing in your own words. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Marketing When someone says marketing, people immediately think of advertising. However, if marketing meant just advertising, there would be no need for the term. Marketing has a much broader meaning. It involves doing whatever it takes to entice a customer to buy a particular product, advertising being a big part of that. It also means knowing the needs of the consumer which involves many facets, the number of which can only be imagined. A company must do a vast amount of research regarding the potential customer in order to ensure that the product the company offers is worth the price asked for it and to determine if the target customer is able to afford it (Berman, 2002). For example, a bowling ball manufacturer creates a ball made with special materials which are far superior to the more traditional ball but it costs twice as much to produce. The manufacturer must complete market research to ensure that bowlers will not only like but also have the ability to buy it. In addition, the best method by which to advertise the product must be determined, a very complex issue. How much to budget, where to advertise so that the end user is most likely to encounter the ad and how to quickly entice that customer into having an interest are all difficult decisions to make (“Finally”, 2005).

Marketing, in some form, seems to impact almost all of peoples’ purchasing decision. A good example involved a computer ad on television for a laptop that gave no specifications, cost or even showed the product clearly. However, the ad was very entertaining and played a couple of times during a show which caught the watcher’s attention and therefore the potential customers remembered it. During the next few days and weeks, on this the same show, this product was advertised in much the same way but with slightly differing but still mildly entertaining storylines, at least enough to keep the audiences’ attention for 30 seconds. Since the ad gave little information about the product but was entertaining, people were predictably inclined to research it and learn that it was both practical and afford as well. The customers quickly learned that their efforts were well worth the investment of time and money but what entices them enough to dig for more facts? Normally, people want all the information about their purchase included in the ad. They want to know what’s in that taco supreme or what price is the car and how many miles are on it right there in front of them. They don’t wish to have their time wasted. However, this comedy routine led many people to purchase a computer, a very serious proposition. What’s more, they made their customers work for it (Lieberman & Esgate, 2002).

Marketing does indeed affect everyone’s life on a daily basis. The selling and buying of products is what keeps the world turning so to speak. Marketing encompasses all aspects of this process which not only fuels the economy, it is the economy. Even cavemen probably practiced some form of marketing techniques, for example when trading with other tribes. Marketing is everywhere (“Why Marketing”, 2004). At this very moment, people know that Microsoft can fill their software needs because the word is boldly displayed on the top bar of this ‘Window.’ The grocery store aligns the most profitable items at eye-level, restaurant commercials seem to know just what their patrons will be craving and when, the car dealerships are plying people with come-ons and signs in the yard notify neighbors of a garage sale. The only time people are not being marketed to at least in subtle ways is when they are asleep, assuming the latest television commercial doesn’t appear in their dreams. People market themselves constantly, it’s not a concept known only to cold, heartless corporations. That’s why the male peacock has its big and beautiful feathers. It’s just another marketing ploy. Glancing strictly at my desk as I type, I count six instances of advertising. The efforts that went into the marketing of these products were an extensive, well thought-out design requiring research and expertise.


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