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 Your Journal has to be written entirely in your own words and reflect your own thoughts. It must be at least 150 words (8-10 sentences). Read the rubric for full instructions. 
CHS111 Journal Instructions and Rubric.pdf CHS111 Journal Instructions and Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats
For this Journal, we will look at the world-renowned child therapist, and infant specialist Magna Gerber, whose guiding philosophy and legacy are based on treating infants with respect and trust in their abilities to develop naturally at their own pace. She believed that infants and children need a safe space to explore. In 1978, Magda Gerber and pediatric neurologist Tom Forrest founded the international, non-profit organization Resources for Infant Educators, dedicated to improving infant care and education quality globally.To prepare for this Journal entry, watch the two videos below  The second text-only video is based on the time an RIE Associate spent in Belize as a volunteer at Liberty Children’s Home (orphanage) hoping to demonstrate some ways of enhancing respectful regard for the infants and toddlers, and the adults who care for them by sharing the RIE philosophy with them.In your own words:

  • Explain the concept of “Educare” by describing at least two of the main principles, caregiving strategies, or benefits for children, families, and educarers. 
  • Describe why you agree or disagree with the approach.
  • Comment on something you learned from each of the videos. Include the name of the video and the web link to identify your reference as shown below:

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