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Your Task

This subject requires you to thoughtfully develop your abilities in coaching and mentoring, and in weeks 8-11 we will be exploring the styles and techniques involved in doing this. These skills will serve you well in many facets of your life. To assist with developing your skills, you will be interacting with your fellow students or other people in your life to sharpen your abilities, allow you to observe others and receive assistance so you can learn to work meaningfully with others in the future.

Each week, you will be presented with a scenario and take the roles of mentor/ coach, observer and employee through in-class role plays.

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate and develop your knowledge and skill in mentoring and coaching as an evidence-based people development technique within organisations.

Assessment Description

Each week, you will be presented with a scenario and you will have the opportunity to take the role of a mentor, coach, observer or employee through in class or online discussion/ role plays.

In doing so, you will be required to write a reflection or review of the experience of being involved in this exercise as mentor, coach, observer or employee of around 500 words. Over the following weeks you will be able to assemble three of these reviews as you engage in the week’s exercises, bringing your work to a total for this task of 1500 words.

In writing up your experience of these you should reflect on:

  • Description and observation of what happened in the interaction, including what aspects went

well and what needed improvement,

  • Discussion of relevant theoretical reading or research and how it applied to the situation,
  • What you learned or gained from the experience, and practical actions you could take to

improve your approach in the future based on your reading, reflection, experience and observation.


  • 2 volunteers to the front please!
    • One roleplay coach, 1 roleplay coachee.
    • Coachee – think of some goals that you want to achieve. (My goal was: how to get Australian Permanent Residency, I am a student here)
    • Coach – using your coaching skills, questioning techniques and some of the goal questions, coach your partner to make sure their goal is SMART. (SMART goals slide is attached.)
    • Repeat for 3 goals. (Other goals you can write whatever)
    • Only use the G of the GROW model. (GROW Model slide is attached.)

    •Take a moment to think about your life. Write down those people that stand out as having helped you, or shown you the way.
    • What was it they did? How did they do it? What was so special about them?
    • Share your thoughts with the person next to you.


    • Split into groups of 3.
    • You will each need to think of an issue that needs solving.
    • Round 1: Pick 1 coach, 1 coachee, 1 observer.
    • Ask 2 x G questions, 2 x R questions, 2 x O questions, 2 x W questions.
    • Don’t ask more or less than this. You will see that just using the model robotically that it works!
    Observer to share feedback on what worked/what didn’t.
    • Repeat for round 2 and round 3 so that everyone has played each role. 


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