Keiser University Week 1 Anthropometric Measurements Questions

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SELECTED ORGANIZATION – University of Maryland, Baltimore

Analyze Organizational Strategy and Objectives

  • Find and analyze the organization’s organizational strategy
  • If possible, confirm the process used in creating, reviewing, and revising these objectives, as well as who contributes and how
  • Include a preliminary evaluation of success in achieving objectives.
  • Cite the tools and methods you used to reach your conclusions, such as the balanced scorecard and key performance indicators.

When analyzing your organization’s strategy and objectives and their implications for performance, it is useful to consider critics of strategic planning who point out that very successful ventures sometimes result from a series of unintended or unexpected activities. Therefore, you will also want to be on the lookout for evidence that some of the successes realized by your organization may not be the result of a rational strategic planning process.

Identify Strategy Types and Competitive Advantage


  • Business Unit and Corporate Strategies (USE FUNCTIONAL)
    • Organizational Strategy
      • Global Level Strategy
      • Corporate Level Strategy
      • Business Level Strategy
      • Functional Level Strategy
    • Business Level Strategy (Porter’s Five Business Level Strategies) select and define one that applies to organization
      • Broad Differentiation Strategy
      • Focused Differentiation Strategy
      • Broad Low-Cost Producer Strategy
      • Focused Low-Cost Producer Strategy
      • Best-Cost Strategy
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Define competitive advantage
    • Identify the organizations sources of competitive advantage are (if any)
    • Present a preliminary assessment of the relative value of these advantages
  • Core Competencies
    • Identify the organizations core competencies
    • Are they used to achieve the organizations competitive advantage?
    • How?
    • Provide supportable conclusions

Determine Organizational Size and Structure

  • Organizational Size
  • Organizational Structure
    • Review and provide the organizational chart
    • Provide an analysis of whether the current structure aligns with and impacts the organizations mission, values, goals and objectives (MVGO).
    • If not, the likely consequences.

Analyze Critical Resources

  • Critical Resources
  • Types of Critical Resources
    • Human resources
    • Financial resources
    • Technology resources
    • Buildings and equipment (physical resources)
    • Other types of resources you consider important (e.g., information)
  • Select ONE critical resource you think is the most important for the organization to maintain its competitive advantage
  • Explain why this particular critical resource was selected ahead of the others
  • Explain why this critical resource is the most important of the critical resources to the maintenance or enhancement of the organizations competitive advantage

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