Miami Dade College Wind Energy and Nuclear Energy Worksheet

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What is the wind energy in a cyclone with wind velocity of 95 miles per hour . Show detailed calculation.

2. A house has five solar panels, each measuring 5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. How much solar electricity will all these solar panels produce in a 24 hour day. Show calculation.

3.A nuclear power plant purchases 55 g rams of Uranium 238 and 15 grams each of Uranium 236 and Uranium 235. How much total electricity can be produced from all these uranium amounts. Show DETAILED calculation.

4. A hurricane has wind energy of 270000 torr. What is the wind velocity inside this hurricain. Show calculation.

5.A house needs 4000 KW of electricity. How many solar panels, each 10 m long and 5 m wide are needed to generate this amount of electricity. Show calculation.

6.A city requires 45000 KW of electricity per minute. How many grams of Uranium 235 are needed to supply one day (24 hrs) of electricity to this city. Show calculation.


Uranium has THREE ISOTOPES, U238, U236, U235.

(a) U 238 + n ——– U 235 + 3n + Heat energy (4200 KW)

uranium 238 uranium 235 gamma (nuclear power)

(b) U 236 + n ——- U 235 + n + Heat energy (3400 KW)

(c) U 235 + n ——- Th 235 + Heat energy (2200 KW)

(uranium 235) (thorium)


E = mv ( E = wind energy, m = mass of wind, v = wind velocity )

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