Miami University Home Health Wellness & Sustainability Challenge Essay

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The purpose is to move us all towards a healthier, happier, and more sustainable life! For this discussion, you will be studying your own home environment closely — keeping in mind that this week is all about linking human health, indoor pollution, and sustainability! You will be reflecting on what you observe, coming up with tips on how to improve your home, and ultimately developing a 5-step sustainable action plan. This plan should be one that you will actually follow through with and implement! This is NOT just a hypothetical exercise. This plan should be designed with you and your family’s needs and means in mind! Hopefully, it will benefit you and your family’s health and happiness, moving forward! Be sure to address all the following points in your post:

[1] Critique Your Home: Introduce your home to the class (NO addresses!!) and provide a critique for how sustainable and healthy it is — what type of dwelling? Urban v. rural? How old is it? If you were to list it, what are some of its relevant characteristics? Heating/energy? Vents and windows? Carpet or hardwood?
[2] Your Typical Day: Discuss a typical day you spend at home, paying close attention to the types of interactions you have with your environment — especially all objects and chemicals you normally come into contact with (where do you sit? Where is the nearest air source? What kind of material is on your furniture? etc.)
[3] Your Goal: Choose and discuss FIVE aspects of your home environment that you really want to improve and become more sustainable with (ex. food, energy, cleaning products, makeup, clothes, etc.)
[4] Your Reason: What is your motivation to go sustainable in these areas?
[5] Your Action Plan: Discuss FIVE distinct steps that you ARE GOING TO TAKE — to try and become more sustainable (how will you achieve your goal?)

>>> (OPTIONAL) Your Tips: Provide links to videos or articles that provide some good tips on how to achieve your goal

Remember to use APA format if you look up any facts or data and use them in your discussion — make sure you include a link and citation for the information.

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