Mission and goals

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See attached rubric for details. Sources to be used are mentioned in the rubric at the end. Topic is also mentioned in the rubric at end.

6 pages, due on 15th April

pdf text for one of the sources is attached

Remember, you use goals to help you live your mission. This paper is not a list of goals. Goals should be included, but should clearly state your mission in your first paragraph and you should tie the rest of the paper back to it. 

Throughout this term, you will read books, watch videos, listen to lectures with the purpose of making you a success. Your task is to use at least 6 (SIX) sources from the course and synthesize those sources with the Dominican Tradition for a total of 7 (SEVEN) sources, as references for your personal mission essay. How did these readings and lectures help you? How will the information you have learned guide you?

Do NOT write “In week 3 I read….” or “When we watched that debate in week….” That is NOT the point of this paper. The information supports your thesis. Think of this as a traditional research paper. How does the information you learned inform your mission? 

In order to receive full credit, this essay must be in APA format, and it must properly cite the course materials that you have chosen to use.  Ask yourself, how will I use the course materials to reach the goals I’ve set in my personal mission statement? The short answer to this important question is your thesis statement. The essay, then, should support this thesis statement by using the ideas and information you’ve gained from the course.  Demonstrate, through your essay, how well you’ve understood and have synthesized the readings. (This is not simply a book report or a summary of the readings and videos.) Go beyond simple recall and comprehension all the way to the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The TEXT of this paper must be between 5-7 pages. Please note: papers that are not a minimum of five pages will not earn a passing grade.  The cover page and reference page do NOT count toward the total page count.

YOU may NOT use any direct quotes.

Topic : Personal Mission Essay (6pages)

My personal mission is to help the needy which includes children and the homeless

Incorporate work from these sources :

1. guide to writing SMART goals by Kate Eby


2. Dominican Tradition (pdf text provided) – It’s a mission statement of sorts include something from it . It’s important 

3. Logical fallacies

4 Pluralism (video on youtube)

5 Decelerate blue by Rapp & Cavallaro

6 Journal: Americans remain deeply ambivalent about diversity

7 Ted talk; The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers by Adam Grant – youtube

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