Need an research paper on reza aslan’s auto/biography. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on reza aslan’s auto/biography. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. They moved from Iran in 1979 and sought refuge in the United States of America. Typically, Aslan grew up in the San Francisco Bay in America an area that is rich with varied cultures because a large number of people that sought exile in America reside in that place. The early years of Aslan was characterized by a great deal of interaction between various cultures since he was born in an Islamic state and brought up in a Muslim culture only later for the environment to change to a different setting (Aslan, 2011).

The mixed cultures that Aslan was exposed to during his earlier years influenced him in various measures as he was juggling between the different cultural practices as well as religions since the setting of his childhood was diverse thus presenting a scenario whereby he had to interact with people of different values. The influence was so intense to the point that Aslan had to convert to Christianity at the age of fifteen years to fit, in the environment he was living. His conversion was primarily premised on the fact that the educational system in America was more of Christian-oriented than it was to Islam (Aslan, 2013). Despite the fact that Islam was one of the major religions in the country a majority of the educational and administrative activities were conducted according to the doctrines of Christianity. It was prudent that he had to convert to Christianity or rather give in to the influence in his new home if at all he had to make it in his educational aspirations. However, after advancing in his education he saw the need to revert back to his original religion since the more he furthered his knowledge on religious matters the more he appreciated other religions and in early 1990 before joining Harvard University he reconverted back to Islam. Aslan’s conversion to and from Islam can be elaborated in two distinctive ways.

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