Need an research paper on should companies allow employees to exercise on work time. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on should companies allow employees to exercise on work time. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

According to recent research, workers can utilize work time for health promoting measures or exercise and uphold the same productivity level or higher at the workplace. Workers who use two and a half hours per week being active physically are more contented with the quality and quantity of their work, report more work capability and take less sick time as compared to employees who do not take part in physical activity.By use of work time for exercise, workers can also enhance their work-life balance since their workout time is not pressed into already busy family/personal time.

Furthermore in a recent research, for workers who were more active physically, job burnout was less likely to develop into depression. In this research, the greatest benefits were attained by people who exercised hours weekly.High levels of energy, as well as daily health, are just among the benefits that originate from exercise. Weight loss is an unbelievable outcome that has happened from exercise for some individuals. Increasing physical activity has been proved to burn more calories, which assists in breaking a weight loss plateau (Scott, 2008).

Physical activity has not just proved to reduce obdurate body fat, but also to lower blood pressure levels, cholesterol, as well as reduce the risks of diabetes and cancer (Hellmich, 2008). This enables an individual to live healthier and longer just with some exercise. According to Hellmich (2007), exercising can as well suppress appetite suppressant since it leaves an individual feeling less hungry. Some overweight individuals have been seen to have issues with cardiac problems in later life.

Habitual exercise has proved to protect against illnesses linked with persistent low-grade systemic inflammation (Peterson & Pederson, 2005).Being overweight does not automatically mean one may not be in shape. It is in some individuals’ body nature to carry extra weight as indicated in most studies. One research showed that the exercise benefit was enjoyed despite the body mass and that being thinner does not always mean being fitter (Australian, 2007). One can have a look at a manual labor job of several athletes from boxing to football see overweight individuals that are in incredible shape.

A number of types of exercise have proved not to assist in ridding away body fat. Moreover, exercise has even been associated to lower the level of stress as well as fire up a range of brain chemicals that might leave an individual feeling happier as well as more relaxed as compared to before she or he worked out (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2007).On the other hand, high-stress levels can damage a person physically and mentally. In addition, it can cause heart problems and ulcers affecting one’s job negatively (“Should Companies Allow Employees to Exercise on Work Time? – Quora”).

Moreover, a high level of stress reduces productivity as well as cause several mistakes that should not have been made. Other benefits have been proved by several researches in regards to exercise and brain. Cardiovascular exercise has been linked with enhanced cognitive functioning in old people. These effects have been proved to be the best in higher order cognitive processes, like working memory, shifting amid tasks, as well as preventing inappropriate information, all of which are considered sub-served, partly by the brain frontal lobes (Colcombe, 2006).

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