Need help with my writing homework on Crackdown on Indecency in Broadcasting by the FCC. Write a 2500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Crackdown on Indecency in Broadcasting by the FCC. Write a 2500 word paper answering; A few notable developments have occurred in the US media industry over the last decade. The North Americans have for a long time been said to enjoy doing and watching sex videos. It even reached a point where some people went to an extent of preaching about the value and enjoyment of engaging in sexual activities (Boister, 2005).

History has indicated that pornography is one of the major forces behind the development of new technologies. An example is that of a thesis done by Martin Luther that received a speedy distribution due to the development of some new printing press whose major beneficiaries were the authors of literature related to pornography. The major reason for the changes in the recent legal treatment of indecency seems to be more political than moral. The politicians in the US have discovered that even though sex sells commercially, an anti- indecency policy tends to sell better politically thereby coming up with the changes required.

In the media regulations context, the new course has taken the form of the commission’s abrupt changes in the indecency enforcement rule. The history in the 20th century tries to reflect the FCC with an aim of taking a tolerant view of broadcasting soft-core pornography that halted in early 2004. At the national view, this can be dismissed as a partisan posturing outline. Moreover, in a narrow view concerns on the specialized regulatory agency, and the tension that exists between crafting decisions are important in the creation of proper public relations. The relations are capable of avoiding obviously unworthy results. The FCC has been forced into some awkward situations such as avoiding some traditional safeguard procedures and to do changes to the indecency policy from one month to the other.

History of Indecency Regulation

The history of indecency can be traced far back and discussed as follows.

A. Early Indecency Policy

In the early days, indecency was not an issue in the US broadcasting industry. Although, several stations ended up losing their station’s licenses for broadcasting improper content to the public. The major issues in these cases were however not the use of disfavored language but resulted from some sort of defamatory statements that were made in the programs (Boister, 2005).

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