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Need help with my writing homework on Cyber Journalism. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Over the years, we have come to assume that reporters are somehow sanctioned by having earned a degree from a school of journalism.&nbsp. Neither “Gompers’s Corner’s Gertie” nor Artois have a degree in journalism.&nbsp. But, then, neither does Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News.&nbsp. He has numerous journalism awards under his belt, yet he never completed college. Yet, during the past two decades, he has had job titles like “reporter,” “correspondent,” and “anchor.”

Through books and film, we have learned how news arrives on our doorstep.&nbsp. “There are two ways information becomes news.&nbsp. Either an editor assigns someone to write about it, or a reporter brings the story to the editor’s attention, hoping the story will be granted coveted print space.&nbsp. Otherwise, the story dies.” (Stanton, 2007, p.&nbsp. 25-26) Then a so-called journalist (or reporter) like Brian Williams, who does not have a degree in journalism, brings us that news.

With cyber journalism, the hierarchy has faded away.&nbsp. Anyone can print—or post—anything any time they want, and they don’t need an editor permitting them—even Brian Williams could blog on his own, separate from his employer.&nbsp.

Readers flock to the cyber journalists who reflect their interests, their values, or even just their hobbies, in a way no publisher of a generic geographical paying market ever could.&nbsp. Few people who move from Peoria, Illinois, to Brisbane, Australia, are likely to pay for a mail subscription to their hometown newspaper catering to the residents.&nbsp. Along the way, the public has discovered what the bloggers know, and journalism schools fear will become public knowledge: anyone can be a journalist as long as they offer what the public finds attractive.

News, especially on the internet, is selected primarily based on its timeliness and its impact on the reader.&nbsp. (Praeger, 2007) Cyber journalists can take advantage of the ability to announce breaking news, even while the coverage is being written about and photographed, in a way that last night’s live newscast and this morning printed paper simply cannot.&nbsp. The news comes fast and furious, but the reader has a plethora of news sources to choose from other than, or in addition to, the hometown news.

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