Need help with my writing homework on Elder Abuse in the Current Busy World. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Elder Abuse in the Current Busy World. Write a 1250 word paper answering; We are living in a world of different types of abuses like child abuse, female abuse, elder abuse, sexual abuse, physical and mental abuse, etc. Abuses mostly result from the struggle for satisfying the physical and mental needs of a person in which the stronger ones always dominate the weaker ones. This world is meant for stronger ones and it is difficult for a weaker person to survive in this world without having the assistance of a stronger one. Elder abuse is defined as the deliberate torture of elder people physically/ mentally or it is the improper care extended to them by their children or relatives at a time when they need it badly. Elder abuse mostly happening in the family. but it can happen anywhere else like in society, hospital, or shelter homes. “Domestic elder abuse, like other forms of family violence, occurs behind closed doors in the privacy of the home. In 1989 one congressional committee estimated that 1.5 million cases of elder abuse occur each year” (Wallace, p.262)

Mamie, the 87-year-old helpless lady was staying with her only son Meldrick who in fact was a widower and a paranoid schizophrenia patient. From the setting itself, it is clear that she will not get adequate care from her son or abused by her son because of the reasons cited below.

First of all, an elderly lady always needs the assistance of a female person in order to execute her essential needs like toileting, bathing, dressing, etc. Since she was too old and was suffering from memory loss to senility and incapacitated by degenerative arthritis, she needs all kinds of physical and mental attention in order to complete her life on this earth peacefully. Morally and legally it is her right to have a peaceful end to her life on this earth with the help of her children or relatives with whom she had spent most of her time when she was healthy.

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