Need help with my writing homework on Foreign Aid in Africa. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Foreign Aid in Africa. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Another major advantage of foreign aid into Africa is the case of the provision of food to areas that have famine. A large portion of the African region has a hot and dry climate that contributes to cases of famine. These regions do not have the capability of farming their own food and the population cannot fully rely on their government that has to concentrate the revenues of the country into other problematic and developmental areas.

Foreign aid enables the governments to buy food for the population in the famine areas. In Kenya, for example, the government has had a huge reliance on foreign aid to feed the population in famine areas that are a total of five out of eight municipalities in the country. The foreign funds also act as a means to save lives in the case of a disaster in the African countries and in emergency situations (Asongu, 2013). Most African governments barely have funds set aside for emergency cases in the country because they often have deficit budgets on an annual basis. Further, foreign aid has had a lot of impact on the development of African countries. The aid has assisted in funding major developmental projects in Africa. Due to the political wrangles and issues of security in African countries, there are a lot of refugees in the area and displaced persons. The foreign aid is of great help to these displaced families and the refugees as they set up camps in the foreign land of the neighboring countries.

There are a lot of skeptics for the massive foreign aid to Africa. Foreign aid causes a lot of dependency on the donor countries by the countries that receive foreign aid. Through creating a dependency on foreign aid, some African governments that receive foreign aid may not put enough effort to free themselves from the donor money. It creates a laxity in these governments (Peiffer & Englebert, 2012). Another issue raised against foreign aid to Africa is that it does not help the people it intends to help. In the case that the aid was for disaster victims, there tends to be a lot of corruption in such a way that only a fraction of the money actually helps the intended people. This is a case of mismanagement of foreign aid, either from the politicians in the government or the employers handling the finances. There does not exist accountability and transparency when handling donor money.

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