Need help with my writing homework on Gender Representation in the Post Colonial Novels. Write a 4500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Gender Representation in the Post Colonial Novels. Write a 4500 word paper answering; This means that they not only have to present to their audience the mind of the woman but also, they must establish a relationship between that woman and a man to illustrate the patriarchal society which is indeed a challenge, to which each author and director successfully rose to.&nbsp.

The storyline in A Passage to India differed from the other works because the story setting is during India’s colonial period. whereas the works of Ngugi and Achebe take place in a post-colonial era. There are nonetheless the remnants of the colonial patriarchal society, as well as the cultural patriarchal society. Also, each man had to develop the relationship between the female and the male that is influenced by the era in which they lived. In A Passage to India the women possess an awareness of an emerging feminist thought. in The River, Between there is a distant familiarity with that feminist thought. and in Anthills of the Savannah there is direct contact with the feminist thought. For the group of men who brought these works to their respective audiences, this was a commendable depiction and result because there is nothing to suggest that these men fell short of their creative undertakings or failed to meet the challenges these works presented for them.

It is probably more difficult for the male authors to accomplish this goal than it would be for the male director because the male director is informed by and supported by the female actresses. The male author probably has to work harder to develop a sense of closeness to the female perspective through a creative process that comes from within his own thought processes. This means that the male author must think out the relationship between the male&nbsp.and female characters and think in terms of both those genders. In contrast to the male director who is looking for a response from the female actress, and if he does not sense it to be the best or correct response the first time, he can continue to work with the female actress until his vision of the scene in which it is tangential to the environment and others film elements are achieved.

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