Need help with my writing homework on Meet Emotional Needs and Settle Children. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Meet Emotional Needs and Settle Children. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Playing with him with or without an attractive toy will work as well. Conferencing with his parents regarding his interests and current situation and asking them for suggestions on how to create personal ties with Max would help me think of more appropriate strategies in bonding with him.

Max can be comforted by the fact that his old familiar Teddy bear is there with him. Its role will be to keep him company as a familiar character in school. To make him feel more in control, I would direct his attention to entertaining his teddy bear so that the bear will not feel so anxious in school. In that way, I am using the bear to work on Max’s own anxieties but making it appear that it is Max who would be responsible for alleviating his bear’s distress. I would point out to his bear and say, “Max, I think your bear needs a little cheering up today and since you are the only one he knows well here, you tell me what you think he would want to do… you think he wants to play with dough, do some puzzles, read a story or play with cars?” Giving Max a choice is one way of putting him in control. This is also a way to know what Max himself wants to do, in the guise of his bear wanting the activity.

As a caregiver, I create a warm and welcoming environment for all the children by choosing enough attractive and age-appropriate toys, books, and other learning materials that would be available for them. I would set up the room in such a way that children can move freely from one learning area to another, keeping in mind the activities that I expect would go on in a particular learning area. For instance, I would keep quiet areas such as the mini Reading nook away from noisy areas such as the blocks or manipulative area which I expect would be a-buzz with children’s productive noise. I will also prepare interesting but not overwhelming activities for the children that would follow a schedule, with the goal of eventually establishing routines. Examples would be using puppets to introduce each child, a simple story about starting school or daycare, and a variety of hands-on activities such as playdough, macaroni-stringing, block play, and the like.

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