Need help with my writing homework on The Coverage of 2015 Elections Debate in the UK. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on The Coverage of 2015 Elections Debate in the UK. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Mass media plays an important role in covering these debates and providing their audience with different perspectives on these debates. The media also gives the audience the opportunity to air their views about these debates and political affairs and receive feedback for more informed decisions. This paper gives a study of the coverage of the 2015 party leaders’ debate in the UK. It uses the Huffington post, the Daily Mirror, the guardian, and the telegraph newspapers’ articles to examine the bias of coverage of the debate.


General elections provide the public with an opportunity to select new political leaders into office. The public has to listen to the politicians to sell their policies and make decisions on who best suits the office after an evaluation of the policies of the different parties. A public debate is one forum where the public can get a preview of the policies and make a comparison on the different stances taken by the candidates. In some election cases, the incumbent leader can make a decision to run for the same office as before. The influence held by the incumbent can at times skew the coverage of the electioneering process to their favor or give them a negative image in the media.

Rozzel (1991), reviews the coverage of the gubernatorial elections of 1989 in Virginia. This study uses a number of newspapers which include the Washington Post, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time, Los Angeles Times, and the world report among others. This study found out that the coverage was biased in favor of the wilder campaign as compared to the opponent Coleman. This trend indicates that there are a number of reasons that skew the coverage of the campaigns in favor of a candidate and disfavors others. For instance, Allan Keyes a black candidate in the Maryland senate elections believed that his status as a black candidate in the elections disfavored his bid’s coverage in the 1989 elections. Moreover, Keyes was a black candidate little known to many in the state and the opponent was a white incumbent. Critics of the Keyes position believe that the coverage of the opponent was motivated by the strength that the opponent had and the demographics of the state at that time.

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