Need help with my writing homework on The Farm Bill. Write a 1750 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on The Farm Bill. Write a 1750 word paper answering; The farm bill, released recently, is a mixed bag for functional food and farming methods. The bill put in over $1.2 billion over the next five years, mainly in the innovative programs for rooky farmers, local food, agriculture, development in rural areas, and specialty crops that were ignored in the past year or so (Jasper 541). Despite these crucial highlights, the bill fails to discuss farm commodities and insurance reforms in crop subsidies. The following are some of the highlights that have been addressed in the statement.

Conservation and energy

The conservation compliance rules will be applied for the first time in eighteen years. This rule will apply to any farmer who receives who gets the insurance in crop and premium subsidies. The bill has a sod saver provision that restricts crop insurance and commodity grants on native land that has been broken to produce crops. This provision only covers the states in the northern plains, leaving out the southern plains altogether. This bill cuts funding on conservation title by $4 billion in over ten years. In the history of the farm bill, this is the first time the conservation funding is reduced. The renewable energy programs have been allocated $879 million, including $435 million funding of the rural energy for America program (REAP). Fortunately, the bill bars USDA from using REAP to supply blender pumps.

Subsidy Reform

The farm bill failed to keep the historic reforms. This is very disappointing because the bill’s subsidies were included by the members of both chambers of the congress. The relevant payments are increased by 150% by the final bill. This high limit is meaningless because it lets some entities receive the limit by taking all the supplementary charges. This standard has been tough to impose, and it has been riddled with abuse.

Local and Regional Food Systems

This received a timely boost from the bill because there was improved funding for several programs and new programs. The bill has increased funding per year to $30 million, specifically for the farmers market and the food production platform.

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