Need help with my writing homework on Trans Fat. Write a 500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on Trans Fat. Write a 500 word paper answering; Trans Fat In a persuasive article, the tries to persuade someone to believe in something. He takes up an issue and persuades the readers to agree with his own points of view about it. Nanci Hellmich, in her article, ‘Trans fats: infamous but not the only villain’ tries to prove that trans fat is very bad for heart health, but concentrating only on them could lead to diversion from the real culprit i.e. diet. Trans fat which is mostly found in the form of hydrogenated oils also occurs in foods such as milk, cheese, butter, etc. It is very useful for cooking and food processing. It is helpful in creating, firmness, texture, and longer shelf life for many products.

Many companies and restaurants in western countries have started using palm oil and coconut oil instead of hydrogenated oils. But in reality, they are only slightly healthier than trans fat. Coconut and palm oils are rich in saturated fat which increases the chances of heart diseases and raises the level of cholesterol in the blood. Former president of the American Heart Association, Robert Eckel, says “getting rid of trans fat is important because strong evidence indicates that they contribute to higher levels of harmful cholesterol and heart diseases. But the idea that this is the most harmful type of fat is a matter of debate.” (Nanci Hellmich, USA Today).

Regarding the readership of this article, it may be written for all those who have some knowledge about the unhealthy diet with a special focus on those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. People who suffer from obesity, heart diseases and those who exercise some control over diet are, obviously, interested in it. As regards the third question, what kind of appeals would be most appropriate, it can safely be said that by explaining the issue through logic would be most suitable because the targeted groups are adults who are not likely to move by emotions. After taking a stance on trans fats and diet, it is always better to prove the points through well argued views. It might create an impression in the minds of the reader that the author is honest, sincere, confident and. above all, well informed. The reader might also believe that the author understands his concerns and has answered all of them. The next question to be answered is what would be the most appropriate style to write a persuasive article. Generally, there are several styles such as formal, academic, legal and middle styles to write an article. Middle style which uses images and illustrations well-known to the readers are the best choice. Besides, it leaves the author ample leeway to use strong action verbs and transitional words and phrases such as however, for instance, and moreover. These transitional words or phrases are very useful in connecting sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. In the context the last question, whether readers should be persuaded to act differently, the answer is a big ‘no’ because in order to make the reader act differently, the author should play on his emotions which is quite contrary to logic.

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