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Need help with my writing homework on Zak Ebrahim. Write a 1250 word paper answering; As Beeson (2014) puts it, it is important to be armed with the tools to recognize deceitful or fallacious messages. Beeson acknowledges that persuasion invades one’s mental space, and can therefore be of negative influence. This study will draw on her theory of attitude change featured in her book Persuasion: Theory and Application as a form of persuasion and demonstrate its working by evaluating Zak Ebrahim’s speech entitled I am the Son of a Terrorist. Here’s How I Chose Peace.

In persuasion, one of the key fundamentals applied is the infliction of attitude change in which case attitude defines an individual’s overall evaluation of a subject or object. Beeson, rather inclined on protecting her readers from rhetorical persuasion than in enabling them to engage in persuasive disclosure, seeks to define attitude as the main tactic applied in achieving persuasion. It is from here that the attitude change theory emerges as a form of communication aimed at creating persuasion. As is the case in courtrooms, lawyers will know that someone is guilty of an offense but will seek to twist the perception (attitude) of the jury in securing freedom for their clients. The concept in this theory is that one should understand how attitude change can be applied as a means of persuasion and will not only be able to persuade but also know when persuasion is being of positive or negative influence (Beeson, 2014).

In this theory, the main idea emerges in the sense that attitude is one of the most important factors that can influence an entire person. In short, by altering the attitude of a person, it is very possible to inflict say, behavioral change in their life. Second, this theory not only focuses on the target person but also incorporates other parties around them. For instance, a drunkard may be persuaded to quit the detrimental habit by explaining to them that the people closest to him&nbsp.such as family or friends think that alcohol is bad to him and that he should quit. In this way, the theory alters the target’s conception about what those closest to him think they should or should not do. In this way, it is easier to influence their attitude thus behavioral change.

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