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Company Services

  1. Complete hands on project number 4 on page 100 of your textbook by contacting at least two different companies that can provide the service listed.
  2. Write at least a two page paper in current APA format that provides the names of the companies contacted, what kinds of applications can be supported, what equipment will be necessary, what services the company offers, and an estimated cost analysis for these services.

This is #4

Using any source possible investigate a company that can offer a microwave service in your area. Report on what kind of application can be supported, what equipment will be necessary, where the equipment will be located and what services this company offer.

Data Communications

Mobile Network Connectivity

There are two very broad methods by which we stay connected through the use of physical wires and cables and the other is through the more mobile method of wireless communication. We are all undoubtedly familiar with both of these technologies and how they shape our lives every day. This lecture is focuses on mobile communication capabilities and what we can achieve through this technology. It wasn’t that long ago that we needed to sit in front of a computer that was physically connected to a network in order to communicate on the Internet. Even our home based systems used modems that connected us to the world through phone lines and that technology hasn’t changed that much but we are now able to do so much more without the cumbersome cables tying users to a location. Even though our voice and data traffic still end up on a traditional telephone line, the way we do it today is significantly different from how we started out. We’ll cover the different systems that have been developed, the change from analog to digital and the differences between them, and the transitions from 2G to 4G along with the new capabilities each iteration brought about. We won’t get too deep into the weeds of how these phones communicate on the network, but you will have an understanding of at least the basics of how mobile phones operate and how the signals move through the air, to the wire, and back through the air again. This is an important technology to understand because so many people are using smart phones every day. The networks are saturated with hundreds of millions of users every day, and the people working on the systems that are used must be able to maintain all of the connectivity at a constant rate.

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