Observation description

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Please used this book : revel for the dynamic child — all inclusive, 2nd edition 

Please follow the attached file 


Department of Education

Child Development Program

3214 Austin Street, Houston, TX 77004

713-718-6303 phone 713-718-6235 fax

TECA 1354 Child Growth and Development

Observation of a Child (6-8)

Required Assignment

Observation Description

You will observe and write a detailed description of a child as viewed by you, the researcher. You will select and report on a child in the age range of 6 – 8* years old (middle childhood).

*In order to comply with NAEYC standard 1a, the age limit for this observation is age 8.

You may choose any child EXCEPT your own, for example, extended family members, neighbors, or friends. If you have any questions or concerns regarding selection of children, contact your professor. A Case Study Permission Form is required to accompany this Case Study. You will be required to have at least one parent sign the form. Your case study will NOT be graded without this form.

Your observation should be written in formal academic language. Your observation report should be an objective evaluation using information gathered from direct observation. You may supplement this information with facts provided by the family or caregiver. Examples of objective reporting are: “The mother reports Jason feels more secure when he sleeps with his teddy bear,” or “The caregiver stated that Gina shares her crayons at the art table with any child who needs crayons.” The observation should NOT include subjective (opinion) statements such as: “Jason seems like a secure child,” or “Gina is the nicest girl in the room.” Be as thorough as possible with the data available to you. Include as much factual data as you can to “paint” a comprehensive picture of the child.

Your observation report will have two sections, Introduction and Social and Emotional Development. This is what your submission will include:

· APA style title page

· Observation report with two sections

· APA style reference page

· A Case Study Permission Form

Here are the two sections you will include in your report:


Include the following descriptors:

Give the child’s name, age, and a brief description of physical appearance.

Describe the child’s environment at home and childcare/school. Including family members living in the home.

Describe characteristics that identify the socioeconomic status of the child’s family. Instead of reporting income, report items such as parents’ education level, housing and neighborhood, current job, etc. Do not ask the family any personal income questions!

Tell why you have chosen this child.

Social and Emotional Development

Describe the child’s current social development in terms of interactions with other children, family, relatives, siblings, classmates, etc. For example, include observations of sharing, solving problems, playing and/or working cooperatively.

Describe the child’s current emotional development from your observations. For example, include observations that might indicate temperament, attachment, happiness, self-concept, self-esteem, security, and/or stress.

*Compare the child to the norms for children this age, using two direct quotes from the textbook with in-text citations.


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