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Throughout this course, you have examined other doctoral studies and begun to apply design tools, such as the Design Alignment Tool (DAT), to your own work. For this Final Paper, you apply the knowledge and skills that you have developed to prepare a paper about your planned study.

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources for this course, include including the templates, rubrics, and checklists.
  • Think about how these tools and resources will apply to your project study or dissertation.

NEEDS To be Completed:

  • Write a 2- to 3-page paper explaining your project study idea (read below).
  • Discuss how you will use the templates, rubrics, and checklists to ensure that your study aligns all elements in the process.
  • Your paper should be written using scholarly tone and in APA-style with citations and references.

My project study is idea is

Providing instructional Strategies for English Langage Learners

Problem Statement

According to Moole (2014) the number of English Language Learner (ELL) students increased in the years that past in the United States of America. In a report submitted in 2016 by Koppelman and Goodhart, the number ELL students in the USA in the year 2004-05 was 9.1% an estimate of 4.3 million students as compared to 2013-14 which was 9.3% an approximate value of 4.5 million students while in 2014-15 the number was 4.6 million at 9.4%. Columbia had a bigger number of at 10.0% compared to other seven states (Maryland, Arizona,) . The ELL students in public school in the US rose between 2004-2005 and 2014-2015 in all states but 15 with the greatest being in Maryland at 4.4% while the least decrease was in Arizona at 13.8%. According to the data released by Department of Education the number of ELL students living on disability has also increased significantly with 665,00 students being identified in 2014-2015 as compared to 330,000 in 2004-2005.

Gunning (2013) said that the students face challenges that ought to get addressed to make their learning successful. He argued that it’s almost impossible to avoid the problems, but it’s easy preparing the students and creating an attractive environment that facilitates easy learning. According to research conducted by Cooper, Robinson, Slansky, and Kiger in 2014, most of the students, for instance, prefer speaking in their foreign languages thus making it difficult to improve their English learning process.

Also, most of the students control the entire lesson where they express their experiences and varied understanding of problems they face (Schnorr, Freeman-Green, & Test, 2015). Relatively, Hill and Miller, n.d.,(2013), argue that the students get too dependent to conduct any task by themselves. The ELL process gets difficult to accomplish for such issues that must get addresses. This study aims at exploring the strategies that if well implemented by their teachers would make the ELL learning environment easy to adapt and make the process of learning the English language easy..

Purpose Statement

The goal of this study is to explore how ELL students deal with challenges of use dense unfamiliar vocabulary, how they use homonyms and synonyms, the difficulties they encounter with grammar, especially “exceptions to the rules” and how they deal with word order, sentence structure and syntax in their classroom setting. Tomlinson (2014) argued that teachers have primary roles not only teaching but empowering and inspire the learners to remain focused on their area of study. In 2015, Cervetti, Kulikowich, and Bravo said that if teachers adapt to the needs of their students, then most of the problems would get resolved. This study, therefore, examines the effective ways in which ELL educators can counter the challenges they face. Pinter (2017) asserts that studying the English Language helps learners understand other subjects quickly because most of the subjects studied in the US are written in English. This paper, therefore, will explore the significance of dealing with difficulties associated with studying the English Language to learners.

Possible Research Question(s)

  • What are the challenges faced by ELL students in the process of learning the English Language?
  • What effective strategies help English Language Learners curb these challenges?
  • What is the significance of studying the challenges associated with English Language in schools?

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