people who want to maintain traditional culture

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Final Paper


Due: Dec. 12

Length: Three to Four Pages

As mentioned in class, the final paper is a commentary of what you have seen, heard, read and experienced throughout the semester. You can choose to answer one of the questions, or combine elements of either one for the paper:

1.) Throughout the semester we have encountered people who want to maintain traditional culture (customs, languages, sounds, folklore) and others who want to use them to create individual visions. And there are others who celebrate taking from different cultures to create personal hybrids. Some of these examples are from real people and some of them are fictional characters. Based on all of this, what or who have you encountered that most effectively argues for mixing up different cultures, and what are the better arguments for maintaining older traditions (linguistic, musical)? Use at least three examples.

2.) Music, art, literature and languages (or preserving languages) can serve as commentaries on political and social issues that connect to—yet go beyond—the actual artifacts themselves. Throughout the semester which have been more or less effective? Have any informed your opinions in a meaningful way? If yes, why, and if not, why not?

Also, make sure you:

1.) Don’t assume your reader knows what you’re referencing (even if the reader is your professor). Explain everything clearly—not just what you’re writing, but how it fits into your thesis. Seek connections among your examples.

2.) Blend in your personal thoughts with your observations. You’re not just summarizing, you’re expressing. Whether you found something enjoyable, effective, or terrible, what matters is how you explain why you feel this way.

3.) Start and finish strong, with special attention to the introduction and conclusion.

4.) Edit carefully.

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