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Plan the IP addressing as follows:

  • Use a private Class B network
  • Use the longest (largest /prefix value) for each subnet’s mask that is allowed per these requirements. That is, if /24 works, and /23 works, use /24.
  • Support the following number of hosts/subnet:

Subnet 1: 50

Subnet 2: 100

Subnet 3: 300

  • Assign the numerically lowest subnet numbers
  • Assign the subnets in the order implied in the figure: subnet 1 with the lowest subnet ID, subnet 2 with the next higher subnet ID, and so on.
  • Assign the lowest IP address in each subnet to the router
  • Assign the highest IP address in each subnet to a PC

1) Complete the following table with the Subnet Mask in both decimal and CIDR notation.


# Hosts

Subnet Mask

Subnet ID

Broadcast Address

Address Range

Subnet 1


Subnet 2


Subnet 3


2) Configure the IP addresses, and subnet mask for the router:


IP Address

Subnet Mask/CIDR

R1 S1

R1 S2

R1 S3

3) Provide a table of each device in subnets 1, 2, and 3 and the corresponding IPv4 address.


Subnet 1

Subnet 2

Subnet 3

Subnet ID/CIDR

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