Positivist School vs. Classical School of Criminology, assignment help

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week’s reading provides overview of the changing boundaries of
criminology, counting crime and measuring criminal behavior, and the
schools of thought throughout history pertaining to the study of those
that commit crime. After reviewing the reading for week 1, as well as
the week 1 forum discussion articles in the lesson for this week,
discuss/debate with your classmates what the text has to say about the
early history of criminal theory and its application to crime control
i.e., Positivist School vs. Classical School, plus gender, class and
race as they relate to crime. Also, discuss if racial profiling is
justifiable? Ever? If the answer is yes, discuss how effective the
profiling must be to remain justified? If the answer is no, do the
events of 9/11 suggest a justification for other forms of ethnic
profiling? Each
students answer to the question should be between 700-1000 words. A
minimum of two references need to be used in the development of your


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