Prisoners Rights

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According to the text, offenders do not have full Constitutional rights, but the U.S. Constitution does afford offenders some protection. Choose two (2) of the four (4) key sources of prisoners’ rights (i.e., the U.S. Constitution, federal statutes, state constitutions, and state statutes). Provide your opinion on the manner in which offenders receive some protection of their Constitutional rights through the two (2) chosen sources.

According to the text, an area ripe for litigation is the right of prisoners to have access to healthcare versus cost effective prison management. Select one (1) special prison population, and argue for or against state and federal government’s use of tax dollars to care for this special population. Support your position with at least one (1) example from the text.


The offender has a right to be protected from all forms of discrimination and unfairness. The Constitution of the U.S. states that offenders, whether guilty or not, have full constitutional rights and should not be denied their freedom of association, civil rights and other forms of human rights (McMains & Mullins, 2014). The statutes provide acts that protect offenders against unfairness where the victims have a right to fair judgment. If offenders are not content with the ruling, they have a right to file an appeal.

The current prisons have provided for the unique inmate population such as pregnant females, foreign offenders, mentally ill patients and elderly offenders. The government is justified to use taxes to provide quality health care to such groups of people. These criminals are mostly poor, and cannot afford to pay for their medical care. If the government fails to intervene to solve their health problems, it can lead to the death of babies delivered in the unhygienic prison environment due to complications. The mentally ill can harm others or injure themselves as well as the elderly, who struggle with a range of terminal diseases.

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