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I have provided the case study you will need in order to do this assignment

Working professionals in today’s fast-paced world are often faced with the challenges of trying to juggle and balance the demands of their work, families, and social lives, while making important decisions concerning the success of their professions and organizations.

For this discussion, use the:

Information presented in the case study I selected.

The discussion you did on time management.

The information in the journal article you located to answer this discussion.

You are to analyze the selected case using a time management framework. Do not use the questions at the conclusion of the selected case study, use the following prompts to develop your response to this discussion:

If you were the leader in the case study, explain how you would make key decisions on how to manage your time effectively and to balance your daily commitments and responsibilities, while working to resolve the situation.

Would you need to reprioritize?

How would you ensure that daily functions of both the organization and your personal life kept running smoothly?

What information presented in your selected journal article might help you make those decisions?

Your initial discussion response should include this information and be the focus of the response.

Be sure to follow APA guidelines for citations and references.


Your post needs to:

Be at least 250 words.

Contain a minimum of one reference or citation.

Follow APA guidelines.

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