Project Management Question

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A) Two manufacturing facilities are integrating their inventory management systems as a result of operations consolidation. Preliminary analysis and interviews with all parties involved resulted in the following project information. All times are in weeks.

Your task is to identify the following:

  1. Critical path
  2. Total project completion time
A 3
B A 1
C A 2
D B,C 3
E C 5
F C 3
G E 7
H E,F 5
I D,G,H 8

B) Zentaur, Inc. started creating a new digital imaging system. They found out that their has a similar product under study, but has not yet been able to begin production. Because of the competitor’s action, top managers have asked for a speedup of R&D activities so that Zentaur can produce and market their system at the soonest possible date. The predecessor information and activity time estimates in months are shown below.

Your task:

  1. Identify the critical path
  2. Compute activity slack time
  3. Identify project completion time
Activity Immediate Predecessors Optimistic Time Most Probable Time Pessimistic Time
A 1 1.5 5
B A 3 4 5
C A 1 2 3
D B,C 3.5 5 6.5
E B 4 5 12
F C,D,E 6.5 7.5 11.5
G E 5 9


Please identify your answers clearly.


A.1) Critical Path is: —-

A.2) Total project completion time is: —-

For Item B, your answers should be labeled:

B.1) Critical Path:

B.2) Slack time for each activity: (you should have the slack times for all activities in this section)

B.3) Project completion time

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