Related Services: Common Supports for Students with Disabilities

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  1. Go to the following website: IRIS Center
  2. Click on the toolbar button titled Resources
  3. In the drop-down menu, go to IRIS Resource Locator
  4. This will take you to a screen based on the topic.
    1. Under the topic: Related Services, you will be completing the module titled: Related Services: Common Supports for Students with Disabilities
    2. For each of the modules, you will complete the following activities:
      1. Click on the icon titled Perspectives and Resources. 
      2. Read all content, view all media content, and take notes as you navigate through the module.
      3. When you have finished the entire Thoughts and Perspectives section of the modules, respond to all questions in the Assessment section, using the guidelines presented in your syllabus. 
      4. Your responses must be in a complete sentence and answer all questions thoroughly, using proper grammar and sentence structure.
      5. Cut-and-paste answers from the module will not be accepted.   You must use your own words.
      6. Create a Word document and cut and paste the questions below.  Answer in your own words.
      7. The points will be distributed as follows:
        1. Describe what related services are and how they help students with disabilities in school environments. (2 points)
        2. Why do you think there is such a wide range of related services and why is this important to students who have disabilities? (2 points)
        3. Once a student is determined to be eligible for special education and related services, what decisions must the multidisciplinary team make about the delivery of the related services? Identify and discuss at least three. (6 points)
        4. In your own words, briefly describe what school social workers and school psychologists do and how they help students with disabilities. (3 points)
        5. Serena is a second grader who has Down syndrome. She has articulation difficulties and balance and gross-motor control issues and is highly distractible in the classroom setting.
        6. What related services might be beneficial for this student and why? (7 points)

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