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Select three (3) Forms or Addendum (any combo, but total of 3) and explain the following:

  • The purpose & advantages of the form you select to seller
  • When is the form used
  • Where you found the forms
  • Be sure to include a current EXAMPLE of each Form/Addendum that would be used.
  • Make sure you complete an fill out each form you select with a SAMPLE CLIENT information.


Buyers NAME: Jim Brownstone and wife Ruth Brownstone

Sellers NAME: Bettye Hill, an unmarried person

Property Address: 2345 Merryville Blvd, Anytown, Texas 78119

 Legal Description: Lot 2 Block 12, Crestwood Village Addition, City of Anytown, County of Brazos, Texas, known as 2345 Merryville Blvd

  1. Be sure to create a Word Document or a PDF Document that includes your FULL NAME and CLASS
  2. Answer the questions noted above in your document. Must be at least 100 words per question.
  3. Accuracy of information is key.
  4. Include copies of the filled out forms in your project. Combine into one document. Please DO NOT send forms or your overview separately.
  5. If the forms are not filled out along with the write-up, 500 points will be deducted

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