REQUIRED TEXT(S) Hobbs, Margaret, and Rice, Carla, eds. Gender and Women’s Studies, Second Edition: Critical Terrain. Toronto: Canadian Scholars, 2018 FINAL PROJECT: Feminism in Manitoba (20%) Due:

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REQUIRED TEXT(S)Hobbs, Margaret, and Rice, Carla, eds. Gender and Women’s Studies, Second Edition:Critical Terrain. Toronto: Canadian Scholars, 2018

FINAL PROJECT:Feminism in Manitoba (20%)Due: Friday June 2 at 11:59pmThere are two parts to this assignment:

Part 1) List of feminist resources in Manitoba.Create a list of 10 resources related to feminism in Manitoba. This list can includethings such as non-profit organizations, community groups, feministorganizations, protest events, and more. It can also include literature and contentsuch as books, academic articles, magazines, movies, YouTube videos, newsarticles, documentaries, podcasts, radio shows, etc.o These resources should be based in Manitoba and/or published/created byManitobans.o This resource list should be in the range of 4-7 pages.o Your list should not contain more than two of the same type of resource.o Written parts of this section should be in the range of 50-100 words.

Part 2) Summary of FindingsYour summary should explain what these resources say about feminism in ourprovince. Your summary will be graded for its feminist analysis. Considerquestions like: which issues are focused on the most, which protests are themost consistent, what issues receive attention, which groups are active, where inthe province do feminist actions happen the most, where are resources/serviceslocated, etc. Your summary should explain what you encountered in yourresearch and why you chose these particular resources. All of the resourcesshould connect to your write up. However, you are not required to explicitlymention each resource in your write up.

RUBRIC:Project is worth 20 marks total:10 resources = 1 mark per resource- 0.25 for resource information (resource name + type)- 0.25 for link/citation for resource- 0.5 mark for explanation of resource significanceMarks will be deducted for having too many of the same resource type

Summary of Findings = 10 marksHere you will be graded on your ability to summarize your findings using afeminist analysis.Considerations include:o Does this project accurately portray feminism and gender studies ascovered in this course?o Does this project maintain focus on the region in question?o Does this project demonstrate engagement with the resource list? i.e. Arecitations utilized? Is the summary specific or general?

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