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Address why you feel their approach to convincing the client to try therapy will or will not work. Give at least 1 positive comment. If you disagree, be sure to explain why.

Student paper down below:

  • Explain 2 types of assessments you can use to open this client to your services.

The two types of assessments I would like to use to open this client to my services are the cognitive assessment and the behavioral assessment because I think that these two assessments would be the most beneficial to my client. The cognitive assessment measures the strengths and weaknesses in verbal comprehension, nonverbal reasoning, memory and concentration. Behavioral assessment is used to observe, describe, explain and correct behavior. This assessment looks at how the client looks at the world around them. The behavioral assessment can help identify behavior patterns and the reasons for the behaviors.





  • Explain how you would utilize each of the assessments.

I would utilize the behavior assessment to try to observe, explain, and describe my client behavior and help my client to learn and develop new behaviors that are positive. I can use the cognitive assessment to help me to measure the client strengths and weakness in their verbal comprehension, nonverbal reasoning, and concentration level in which is important for helping the client to focus more on positive behaviors instead of negative ones.

  • Identify 1 benefit and 1 potential drawback that each assessment provides.

The benefit that I can see that would be important is that the behavior assessment is meant to help observe and explain what and the reason why a client action is the way they are. A draw back with the behavioral assessment is that most times parents, teachers and others are asked to observe the client and update the counselor of the client’s behavioral changes if there are any. A benefit from the cognitive assessment is that is helps the client to identify those actions that are negative and try to focus more on the positive.

  • How might your client react to this assistance, and how might you convince him to give therapy a try?

In my opinion I do not think my client would be to receptive to the assistance that I am offering but I do think that if I explained how beneficial it would be for him now and for years to come it may kind of convince him to try it out. Also I would let my client know that there is nothing to lose but only a hour of your time and if they do not like it they would not have to return for that assessment and would be offered another assessment that they may feel closely meet their needs.

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