Respond to each classmate 100 words a piece. The question they had to answer. (Review the text discussion of systems theory and organizational effectiveness. Thinking of an organization with which y

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Respond to each classmate 100 words a piece.

The question they had to answer. (Review the text discussion of systems theory and organizational effectiveness.  Thinking of an organization with which you are familiar, describe the main features of its inputs, processes, and outcomes (or outputs).  How do these features work together to affect the outputs?  In other words, if you were to change a process or an input, how would it change the output (if at all)?)

Classmate 1

The organization that I am familiar with at the moment is the current organization I work for. I work for a very large church in the metro area and their organizational effectiveness is one of the best assets and features of this organization. It has an employee base of over fifty employees and it operates like a well oiled machine. For instance the input of the organization is truly the foundation of it all. They ensure that the people that they hire are not only a good fit for the job that they will be doing, but also a good fit within the organization as a whole. Even though we have a mass amount of employees that work in their own department working on separate things, we all come together quite often to work on things together as a group and have to bounce and sometimes thrive off one another, This is truly how they select the employees, yes they look at their skills and qualifications, but also they look at the personality and the type of person that you are to see if you will work well within the organization. Next within the processes, it still goes back to how well everyone works together but another thing is that they actually listen and communicate with their employees, have a genuine interest in everyone and the leadership styles work well with the employees. This is one of the most important things when it comes to the systems theory for me personally. When you have this type of system and people working within an organization, the outcomes and the outputs are always successful. Become of what they put in, and how they process and understand, the outcome can always be positive because all of these things go hand in hand to establish a successful output. There is nothing that I would change because the features that they have are the main reason why I am still there and actually like my job.

Classmate 2

According to the textbook, systems theory is defined as a theory stating that an organization is a managed system that changes inputs to outputs. This is an idea that managers within every organization should use as a benefit. It enables them to describe the behaviors of organizations both internally and externally. Internally, this system allows managers to see how and when employees within their organizations perform their individual and group tasks. Externally, they can relate the transactions of organizations with other organizations and institutions. This is important because all organizations receive and use resources from the outside environment and return provide goods and services to the same environment. The flow of inputs and output is the basic starting point in describing an organization. Basically, an organization will take inputs from a large environment, process those resources, and returns them in a changed form, which can be described as an output. Yulista Integrated Solutions is the company that I currently am employed. One of the major things this company does is build and repair piolet jets and helicopters for the military. The government will issue a project for us to complete. Many times, they will send us aircraft that needs to be repaired. Our engineers and integration specialists will replace old parts with new ones or add new ones to existing ones. I think this is a great example of our company taking inputs, processing those inputs, and finally returning the new and improved items (outputs) to the environment to be used.

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