Respond to each classmate 100 words a piece. The question they had to answer. (Watch the video on scientific management and Taylorism, then review the text material on scientific management. Then, id

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Respond to each classmate 100 words a piece.

The question they had to answer. (Watch the video on scientific management and Taylorism, then review the text material on scientific management. Then, identify some scientific management that we still see in the workplace today.  Discuss why we still see the elements that you identify in the workplace, and evaluate whether those elements yield positive results for the organizations that employ them.)

Classmate 1

The scientific management method is something that has been around for years in the work force. It is driven by these components. Develop the science for each job, select, train, and teacher the workers how to do the job, make sure there is cooperation with everyone to ensure the work is done to the science in which it was given, and also there is an even distribution of work and responsibilities between the worker and the managers. With this type of system, it is noted that the amount of work that is given should be and can be done in a very fast, orderly and precise manner. It keeps the flow of the work going and it should be successful in every turn. When this method was established, it was effective for its time and it is said in some instances for it to still be successful today. Although it does have its flaws most companies still operate with this same method in today’s work society.

In the workplace today we see this method being used but in some ways it has been altered. There is still a science to each job, every job has a title, a description and an expectation on how it should be done. It is then moved to hiring someone to do the job. It could be one person or it could be multiple people that can have this position. They are then trained on how to do their job , these things have been had positive results because when a person actually knows what their job entails and also how to do their job properly, it then can gain positive and successful results for the company. The last two components are still used in the scientific management method in today’s workplace, but in some cases it is not done correctly and explored the type of results that it should. Sometimes there is not cooperation with everyone and the managers and workers do not have an evenly divided workload. these factors hurt more than help within the workplace.

Classmate 2

After watching the video on scientific management and Taylorism and reviewing the nots on the subject it is very interesting how instrumental these original management techniques have shaped the world we live in today for both the better and the worse. some elements that are common in the workplace today have to do with time efficiency within factories. In the video, we learn about the assembly line and how even though it was very tough and tedious for the employees the overall efficiency skyrocketed. The assembly line is still seen throughout many types of factories that are in the business of building a product. Now unlike in the video, in today’s society and workplace the abuse of power these owners had over the life of the employees is less because of many laws put in place. Even with that said, we have seen some workplace violations as recent as the Amazon employees complaints earlier this year.  Now the scientific management approach is also common in the workplace today because it has always and will always be a goal for company owners to figure out how to get their employees to be as efficient as they possibly can. I believe that we still are seeing these types of elements in the workplace today for the same reason listed above, because employers. owners, and supervisors will always want to know and use the best tactics in order to have their employees work at the fastest most efficient pace that they personally can.

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