Saint Leo University Communication Worksheet

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For a Business Analyst, they are responsible for assessing companies and coming up with solutions to company operations. Some of the duties they do is analyzing financial reports, market research and operating procedures, etc (Indeed, 2022). Looking at different jobs description, I see some mostly asking for a bachelor’s degree either in IT or Business-related field, also having extensive knowledge in software’s and systems such as ERP and WMS system concepts, SQL or Business intelligence. On top softer skill sets such as logic and critical thinking in problem solving. Being able to deliver effective solutions, forge strong relationships and the most common, have excellent oral and written communication skills. 

           In regard with schooling, it is the minimum requirement for entry level positions, however any advance positions may require a master’s degree or higher education. Even with a bachelor’s degree the job could ask you to get additional certifications (Indeed, 2022).  For the software and experience in multiple systems and having the critical thinking skills, the business analyst needs to have this to review financial statements, customer demographics, and other data driven factors (Indeed, 2022). Soft skills like oral and written skill are required for having to write reports or doing presentations. Depending on the job requirements it does change from job to job however many require the same thing especially for the harder skills set like software and systems knowledge.


Indeed. (2022, June 22). Business Analyst job description [updated for 2022] – indeed. Retrieved September 23, 2022, from 

Part 2(b) Please use in text citations and at least 2 references that are websites that are based in the United States. This is a discussion response, and it should be at least 300 words. 

  A Business Analyst is responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and Stakeholders (Pratt & White, 2019). From a DoD contracting perspective, a business analyst will use descriptive analytical techniques to prepare financial reports by program and develop forecasting reports for leaders that will give the business overall health. Some critical aspects of a job description would be:

  • Creating      a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and      solutions for a business 
  • Budgeting      and forecasting
  • Variance      analysis (Pratt & White, 2019)

          To be a successful business analyst, one must possess some hard and soft skills. Hard skills refer to technical skills that one would need to perform the job.  Soft skills refer to behavior or personality traits such as communication, organization, and critical thinking (Penn-Mar, 2022). Technical skills or hard skills would include:

  • Cost-benefit      analysis – a business analyst would need to gather the raw data and show      the executives and stakeholders a clear, unbiased picture of different      scenarios to determine the right path forward.  
  • Process      modeling – for a business to have structure and routine, there needs to be      process; too much process and the tasks become bureaucratic and      challenging to do; too little process and the business can have inefficiencies      with people not sure what to do next. Process modeling will create      structure and ensure that things are repeatable routines.
  • Understanding      networks, databases, and other technologies, business analysts will need      to understand the different ledger software such as SAP and forecasting      software like Hyperion to pull in raw financials and create the financial      reports that executives and stakeholders use to make decisions. (Pratt      & White, 2019)

Some soft skills would include:

  • Oral      and written communication skills – having good communication skills are      vital. As a business analyst, one would need to explain complex financial      matters to decision-makers with entirely different backgrounds. 
  • Analytical      thinking – this can go along with process modeling. Business analysts need      to analyze a process and help to determine efficient ways of completing      tasks.
  • Organizational      skills – these skills are essential in most positions. However, as a      business analyst, one would need to be able to recall or reach back to all      sorts of information to prepare reports. This person would also need to be      able to organize the reports, so they tell a consistent picture of the      financial health of a business (Pratt & White, 2019). With the amount      of data mining that a business analyst will need to do, they will need to      be organized and be able to weed out important information (Taylor,      2018). 


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