San Diego State University Environmental Science Essay Questions

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Answer all of the following essay questions. For maximum points, please use your text and course materials to compose a well-constructed and well-researched response to each question.

1. Present evidence for or against the statement:  “there are too many mouths to feed.  Global population growth has outstripped food production, leading to the high rates of hunger seen in the early years of the 21st century.”  List at least three lines of evidence that support or refute the statement. 

2. Discuss the role of individuals in water conservation. What actions can you take to conserve water? What are the obstacle(s) to these actions, and how might they be overcome? 

3. Identify the major components of soil and discuss the role of each in the support of living organisms. How do differences in the composition of the soil affect the productivity of a particular region? 

4. What are ecosystem services? How would you respond to the critic who says, “Forests are only good for providing timber”? Support your answer with examples of at least four different ecosystem services offered by forests.

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