Seattle University Environmental Science Essay

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Outdoor Education Final Assignment

Each student will be required to put together a trip plan for a party of 8 people. The reason for
the groups size of eight is that many wilderness areas have restrictions of no more than eight
people. Each of you will be required to pick a destination (State, park, region) and a location of
where you will be traveling and identifying resources in the area in the area. You have the
option of putting your project into a power point presentation or into document form you just
need to be able to address each of the listed areas. Each bullet must be addressed. Point
reduction will be assessed if each item is not addressed.

1. Please give a description of the destination site and answer questions such as how long
it would take to get to the location from LCSC.
a. Drive time and distance
b. Roads to the destination site
c. Trail head location
d. Closest emergency assistance to destination.

2. Provide maps of location and trail head and trails.
a. Road maps or topographical maps
b. Maps that have trail heads and detailed trail location
c. Camp sites listed
d. Resources to help a person prepare for the trip (books, Pamphlets, ext)

3. Projected cost per person
a. Food
b. Fuel expenses
c. Trip permits if included
d. Out of state fishing license
e. Group trip permit

4. Concerns
a. Wildlife
b. Plant life
c. Stream crossing
d. Snow fields
e. Trail Difficulty (some books and trail guides rate trails)
f. Weather (seasons that area is safe and assessable)
g. Temperature

5. What draws you to this area?
a. Wildlife
b. Vegetation
c. Water
d. Recreation (fishing, canoeing, climbing, skiing, ext)
e. Difficulty or ease to the area
f. High or low impact area

6. Any special supplies you will need on this trip?
a. Bear spray or insect repellent
b. Special clothing
c. Three season tents
d. Advanced skills

7. Any special leave no trace requirements or restrictions
a. Human waste?
b. Fire restriction or gathering firewood?
c. Camping around water sources
d. Restrictions in high impact areas
e. Amount of days you can stay at camp site

8. Any resources available at trail head or destination?
a. Fire pits
b. Pit toilets
c. Road access
d. Remote air strips
e. Fixed routs

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